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Name: Jacob Bloodworth

All Star Director, All Star Coach, Certified Athletic Trainer

Nickname: Yacob

All Star: MGA, Cheer Tyme... He has been coaching cheer since college

College: Graduated from Georgia College and State University, Bachelor's of Science in Athletic Training and Master's of Teaching in Human Performance

Achievements: Won 2012 Peach Belt Conference Tournament as well as NCA College Nationals (multiple Top 3 finishes), GISA State Champion Coach, WSA National Champion Coach.

Fav Coach Moment: Helping Jones Co Co-ed qualify for State 1st year coaching. "Seeing those athletes that worked so hard reach their goal and the joy on their faces was more than I could ask for."

Motto:  "WTD, Win The Day!" #CheerSafe

Fav Super Hero: Batman

Fun Facts: Did you know Jacob is a USASF Credentialer for Levels 1-5



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Name: Christie Mathis Bloodworth

All Star Coach

Nickname: Christay

College: Graduate of University of South Carolina & Mercer University Law School

All Star: Cheered at All Star Legacy in high school ( Junior coed, senior coed 4), Coached at MGA Cheer Extreme ( youth 1, youth 2, mini 1) and now Cheer Tyme! ( youth 2 ADORE)

Achievement: All District Team in high school, Cheered 4 years on varsity at Madison HS

Fav Coach Moment: While working with a mini team, I taught a girl to (cartwheel) who came in unable to do it. It was amazing seeing her gain not only the cartwheel but, muscle strength, body awareness, and confidence along with her cartwheel.

Motto: "To whom much is given, much is expected."

Favorite super hero: Wonder Woman

Fun Facts: Did you know that Christie passed her bar exam to be a lawyer.  Christie is also a level 1-5 USASF Credentialer.



Name: Laura Dougherty

Office Manager
Nickname: Mama Love
College: Graduate of IUP and UVA
All Star:  14 years as an active team parent, 10 years front office and pro shop management, 7 years booster club officer

Achievements: developing rapport and unity to create a positive environment 🙂

Motto: "In the end we will only regret the chances we didn't take."

Fun Facts:

Favorite Super Hero: Wonder Woman

Michele Fick


Name: Michele Fick

Office Assistant
Nickname: Momma Fick
College: West Virginia University

Cheer Experience: *SYC Cheer – Rec Coach 3 years, All Star Coordinator 1 year, All Star Director 1 year, Fundraising Coordinator 3 years, Deputy Cheer Commissioner 1 year, *Cheer Tyme Team Parent 3 years, *Cheer Tyme Mom 4 years

Motto: Don’t worry, just breathe. If it’s meant to be it will happen.

Christopher Hethcox

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Name. Christopher Hethcox
Allstar: Coaching since 1992

College: University of South Alabama, His team was the two time defending collegiate national champions. Chris also earned two collegiate all American Honors.

Achievements. I have qualified one or two teams to the summit championships in the last four summits. Biggest achievements was last year at Davis Allstars we had 5 teams there. We won ----senior 2. Second place ----junior 2 and junior 1 .... senior finished 5th

My favorite coach moment was working with SCA a couple of years ago. We were a small program. My Junior 1 team won cheersport. We weren't ready. When they won they received their banner. But ran off of the stage screaming straight to the jacket room. I was left there. I just apologized to everyone and said we weren't ready for this. Please forgive them them. They are obviously thinking if they don't get there right now. Those jackets won't be there. Lol.

Motto. I ain't mad at it

Super hero wolverine 100000%

Fun facts. I play tennis tournaments all over the world and I'm ranked inside the top 300 in the world on the GLTA tour

Tori Krugh

Victoria Krugh

Nickname: Tori

Education: Old Dominion University, Major Psychology

All Star Experience: Cheer Tyme Love, Large All Girl Level 5, Maryland Marlins Tsunami All Girl Level 5, Rogue Senior Level 5 and Riptide, Junior Level 5, All Star Legacy Junior and Junior Prep
Level 5, Junior Hip Hop, Capital Cheer Baby Blue, Blue and Silver Levels 1-3

High School Experience: Lake Braddock Varsity Cheerleader
{Freshman to Senior Year}, Patriot District All District Team Individual Award

College Experience: ODU Cheer Team - Freshman Year, Alpha Phi Sorority - Freshman to present

Achievements: Competed Cheerleading Worlds 2009-2015, Placing 5th on Junior, Placing 5th-8th places on Senior Teams, Participated in The Champions League and The Majors, Recognized as a Rising Star in The Cheerleader Magazine, US Finals Champion - MM Riptide, In the movie, At the Top of the Pyramid (2014) on the casted team, Wildcats, Numerous National Titles with team, Stunt Group and Individual Titles

Coaching Experience: PeeWee Junior Coach, Special Needs Team Coach, Camps, Classes and Clinics for All Star and High School Teams

Motto: "Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened."

Super Hero: Wonder Woman



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Lisa McDonald - All Star Coach

College: Oregon State

Nickname: Lisa Pisa

Cheer Experience: Cheer Tyme coach (2014-present), Cheer Commissioner & coach for VYI Cheer 2012-2016, High school cheer coach at Marshall (2015) & Langley (2016), Cheered through junior high & high school.

Achievements: Various national titles for both rec & all star teams, Taking VYI Cheer competition team to US Finals, Zero deductions season for CT Flirt, High school cheer captain, regional champions

Favorite coaching moment: Each and every time an athlete gains a new skill

Motto: Success occurs when your dreams get bigger than your excuses.

Fun facts: Lisa is a Navy wife and mom of a college freshman and high school junior.  She loves to act, watch Game of Thrones, and the color red.

Lisa is USASF credentialed levels 1-5, and she is AACCA certified.

Madison Strano


Name: Madison Strano

All Star Coach

Nickname:  Maddie

College:  George Mason University - Accounting

All Star:   Cheered at Infinity All-stars (Junior 2 & Senior coed 4)
Coached at Capital Gymnastics Training Center (Youth Prep Level 1 & Junior 2)  Coached at Phoenix Elite (Senior 4.2) Now Coaching at Cheer Tyme (Darlings)

Achievements:  Varsity Cheerleading Capital in High School, 2-time UCA All-American and NFL Pro-Bowl Participant, Led her team to a National Championship win in Hershey, PA

Fav Coach Moment:  Watching her prep level 1 team grow throughout the entire season. She says" I loved watching them grows as athletes and individuals. It was rewarding as a coach to see their excitement after winning a National Championship title."

Motto:  "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

Favorite Super Hero: Spiderman

Madison hopes to utilize the valuable skill set she has obtained from her many years of dedication to create a positive environment for all athletes. Madison is credentialed levels 1-5 USASF and AACCA certified.



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Name: Laura Terstappen

Nickname: La, La La, LT

College: George Washington University; 4 year member of the GW Cheer Team

All Star Background: DC Xtreme, Cheer Tyme Cheer Experience: Has been cheering since age 7 on Rec, Middle School, High School, and college competitive cheer teams and now with Cheer DC, a charitable adult cheer team in the DC area.

Achievement: Competed with the GW Cheer Team at NCA College Nationals (2008-2011), placing as high as 4th place in Coed Division 1, as well as in the All Girl Group Stunt category (2011).

Fav Coach Moment: Watching our senior 3 team come together after a particularly hard couple weeks and hit two zero deduction routines in competition.