Mechanicsburg Level 5

Cheer Tyme Mechanicsburg Level 5 teams are coached by:

Scott “Crasher” Braasch – Owner of Cheer Tyme, NCA Collegiate All American, NCA College Staff
Jeff Alarcon – Tumbling Director, USASF World Champion, NCA Collegiate Champion, U of L, Former Cali Coed AS

Shea Meyers – Tumbling Coach, 8th in the World Power Tumbling, U of L, Gym Tyme, UA, Employee of the year VA

Tumbling Staff for Level 5:

Level 5 teams:

Cheer Tyme Obsession – Extra Small Coed Level 5 – 14 Athletes

Cheer Tyme Heart Stoppers – Small Junior 5 – 20 Athletes