Sterling About

Dear Chantilly Families,

We have come to a very tough decision to not move forward with the opening of a Sterling location. There are many reasons why we have come to this decision. Most of them occurred in the last 48 hours. We do not feel as though this Sterling Location is our best decision moving forward and will not be pursuing this location any further. A five-year term in that space did not make sense. Second, we have a location in Northern VA with Fairfax and believe it is best to focus on what we know we have, rather than to just open another gym to say we have a gym to replace Chantilly. After what we have been through in our first lease, the next building we go into in NOVA, will be the best building for us. We have a perfectly good option in Fairfax and in Frederick, both of which are close enough to service the Northern VA area. We hope that many of you will consider trying out at our Fairfax location or our new Frederick location. Some of you have indicated that was your intentions for the upcoming season, and we thank you for your continued support of our program. Many have already signed up for our tryouts in Sterling and we want you to know, we are willing to switch your registration for tryouts over from Sterling to Fairfax and honor your prices that you are locked into. We will welcome Jacob Bloodworth full time at our Fairfax location. We will move some of our staff to Fairfax and some to Frederick. We have already placed some of our Mechanicsburg staff at our Frederick location. We will continue to deliver our very best in Fairfax, as well as Frederick and Mechanicsburg. We thank you for your support over the past four years and as Laura put it, “the magic that happened in Chantilly.” We love our athletes, coaches, and parents alike. We will never forget all the amazing moments, the teams that never gave up, the coaches who made it fun, and the constant sound of the bell rings with the cheers of joy and accomplishment.  Those same feelings will occur in our other 3 locations and we welcome each of you to join us for the 2016-2017 season.

We will continue our search for the best location in NOVA. If you are currently registered for the Chantilly tryouts, your registration can be moved to Fairfax.  We will plan to process payments for the tryout fee and all-star start up fee, based off your registration date, on May 9th. If you would like to be removed from the tryout registration please email to be removed.

Hearts Up,

Kim and Scott “Crasher” Braasch


Revised and posted 5-8-16

Dear Cheer Tyme Chantilly and Fairfax Families

We appreciate all the outpouring of emotions over the closing of our physical location in Chantilly.  There were so many amazing memories made inside those 4 walls!  Virginia’s first NCA National Title, a paid bid to The Cheerleading Worlds in our inaugural season, the highest amount of teams to continuously attend The Summit year after year, a positive environment, the absolute BEST coaches in the state, friendships, bonds, and much, much more!  We are proud to have been able to bring such a positive vibe and atmosphere to NOVA. We truly did take OVA!

While zoning issues may have bumped us out of Chantilly, we are still in Northern Virginia with our Fairfax location. We know this is not as convenient for some of our families, however at this time, it is the right thing for Cheer Tyme to focus on. We will refocus our energy in NOVA to our Fairfax location. Fairfax will receive a gym make over, as well as consolidating our teams and staff into one location. This will strengthen our program, and the new gym layout looks great. It is much more conducive for all level athlete training.

With this consolidation, we needed to re-evaluate our tuition pricing / hours offered. Updated Tuition Rates for VA will be as follows:


Level 1 & 2 – $120 / month

(Up to 4 hours of instruction / week)

Level 3 & 4 – $150 / month

(Up to 5 hours of instruction / week)

Level 5 – $180

(Up to 6 hours of instruction / week)

We feel this restructure will allow us better management in scheduling and offers a more reasonable and affordable option for families, both for tuition and travel to the gym.


We know that many of you have never visited our Fairfax location, so we would like to offer a FREE Open House to give our families, and friends, the opportunity to visit the facility, see the new makeover / layout of the gym, meet the staff, and of course, tumble while you are there!

Fairfax Open House – Monday, May 16th, 5:30-9pm

Please click HERE to be taken to our May – September Calendar.


Tryouts for Cheer Tyme Fairfax will be as follows:

11 and Under – May 17th, 6-9pm

12 and Over – May 18th, 6-9pm

Level 4/5 Callbacks – May 19th, 6-9pm

Team Announcements – May 20th

Parent Meeting / Registration – May 22nd

All Star Practices Begin – May 23rd

If you are currently registered for Chantilly Tryouts, your registration can be moved to Fairfax.  We will plan to process payments for the tryout fee and all-star start up fee, based off your registration date, on Monday, May 9th. If you would like to be removed from the tryout registration please email to be removed.

For full tryout details, including all-star brochure and pricing information, please follow this link –


We will be conducting several tryout clinics to help prepare you for the upcoming season!  All clinics are $15.00.

Monday, May 9th:

6-7pm – Running Back Handspring

6-7pm – Stunt Bootcamp (Advance)

7-8pm – Coed Stunt

7-8pm – Tryout 101

8-9pm – Standing Back Handspring

8-9pm – Running Tucks & Layouts

Tuesday, May 10th:

6-7pm – Tryout 101

6-7pm – Running Tucks & Layouts

7-8pm – Standing Back Handspring

7-8pm – Stunt Bootcamp (Intro)

8-9pm – Standing Tuck

8-9pm – Running Layout & Fulls

Wednesday, May 11th:

6-7pm – Standing Back Handspring

6-7pm – Running Tucks & Layouts

7-8pm – Running Back Handspring

7-8pm – Series Tumbling

8-9pm – Tryout 101

8-9pm – Standing Tuck

Thursday, May 12th:

6-7pm – Series Tumbling

6-7pm – Standing Back Handspring

7-8pm – Tryout 101

7-8pm – Stunt Bootcamp (Intermediate)

8-9pm – Running Back Handspring

8-9pm – Running Tucks & Layouts


We will be conducting several open gyms to help prepare you for the upcoming season!  All open gyms are $15 for 1 hour, or $25 for all 3!  Open gym schedule is as follows:

Thursday, May 5th, 6-9pm

Friday, May 6th, 6-9pm

Saturday, May 7th, 11-2pm

Friday, May 13th, 6-9pm

Saturday, May 14th, 11-2pm

Monday, May 16th, 6-9pm

After these dates we will return to our year-round open gym schedule of Fridays 6-9pm, and Saturdays 11-2pm!

ALL Cheer Tyme locations will be closed Saturday, May 28th – Monday, May 30th.

Cheer Tyme Fairfax Management Team

Office Manager – Laura Dougherty

All Star Director – Lauren Lawson

Class Director – Jacob Bloodworth


Staff Goodbyes

We are sad to see these awesome coaches go, but we will be cheering them on as they spread their wings and take on new opportunities!

Becky Gonzalez –

I want to begin by saying how much this gym has meant to me. I love my athletes more than I can even express. I’ve gained friendships with my fellow staff members that will last far beyond any of our coaching careers. I have put countless hours of my time and energy into making Cheer Tyme an ideal environment for young athletes to grow and flourish as cheerleaders, and as people. I will cherish all the memories made here in my four years forever.

Looking forward to the 2016-2017 season, I have accepted a job offer with Gym Tyme Allstars, at their newest location, near Atlanta, Georgia. While this decision was not easy, it makes sense for me, and where I am in my life, to take a leap of faith and go for it. I was a Gym Tyme athlete myself, while I was in college, and am excited to get back to my roots and take advantage of the window of opportunities this move will open for me and my career in the cheerleading industry.

In closing, I have a number of people I want to thank. Kim and Crasher, thank you both for hiring me fresh out of college and putting your trust in me as a young, inexperienced coach. I know we will keep in touch and continue to work closely in the industry. Parents and guardians, thank you for all of your support. I leaned a lot on some of you, and I am grateful to you all for all your help. Cheer Tyme staff, I have made some of my best friends here, and like I said earlier in this letter, I know these friendships do not end here. Liz, the one coach I’ve had the pleasure of co-coaching alongside every year. I couldn’t be more grateful to you for being my mentor, voice of reason, and friend. I look up to you so much and appreciate you for teaching me everything I’ve needed to know as a woman in this industry, by simply leading by example.

To the kids, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have learned in working with you guys that teaching children is exactly what I want to be doing. My greatest joy here has been watching you all grow up over the years as athletes and as people. I’ve been so lucky just to be a part of that growth. My Cheer Tyme athletes will always hold a special place in my heart, as my first group of kids that I’ve had the pleasure of coaching. I will not forget you guys, and please know that if you ever need me, you can reach out to me and I will be there. I have so much genuine love for my athletes here and will miss you all. Again, thank you for all of our time spent together.

All the best,

Becky G.


Shea Meyers –

To My Cheer Tyme Family in Chantilly and Fairfax,

Thank you for an amazing 3 years during my coaching career at CheerTyme Nova.  Thank you parents and athletes I have gotten to know along the way that have helped me become a better coach and human being. I thank you for having my back and believing in me to help train and model you into becoming not only better athletes, but as better people as well.

Moving forward, I will still be working at Cheer Tyme Mechanicsburg. However, I am taking a step down from Tumbling Director at both Nova gyms and will be moving to the Pennsylvania location, to start my career as a Dental Assistant. It has always been a dream of mine to work in the dental field, as well as having the ability to coach kids. Unfortunately, I have had to make a very hard decision to slow down coaching and work to the path of following my future dental career.

With a new future and decisions there are many people I want to thank! I want to thank Kim and Crasher for giving me the opportunity to work with such amazing athletes and staff. When hired 3 years ago, I never imagined I would have the opportunity to coach so much talent and potential. I want to thank the staff as a whole for supporting each other to help make our kids reach to their true potential. We have always had each others backs and have seen each other grow as well. I have made some true friendships from this journey in life and I’m sure we will keep in touch. Thank you for being people I could lean on when times got tough. I learned we wouldn’t back away for each other. The biggest thank you goes out to the kids I have gotten to know and love along the way. Thank you for the countless hours of hard work and dedication, for never giving up, and showing off in all the right ways. Thanks for believing in me as a coach, but even better believing in yourselves and teammates in order to finish successfully. Thanks for the hugs right off the stage, the tears from beautiful performances, the smiles and laughter I will keep with me for the rest of my life. You have left an everlasting impression in my heart and can take with me wherever we end up. You have all taught me how to change my ways and coaching styles to help be a positive role model, and for that I can’t repay you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me for I will always have your back.

Finishing off, this doesn’t mean you will see the last of me. There will be plenty of opportunities to still work together during camps, clinics and any other ways that CheerTyme Nova will need!

I look forward to seeing you grow and develop through the future and will continue to be one of your biggest fans!

Keep smiling and I wish you all the best,

-Shea Meyers


Madison “Ritchey”

To my Cheer Tyme Friends and Family,

    First of all, I want to thank you all for four, more than memorable, seasons with this program. Starting as an athlete and transitioning to a coach, I felt so much support from each and every one of you. I’ve learned so much more than cheerleading, I’ve learned life lessons that I will carry with me throughout my life.

    When it comes to my future here at Cheer Tyme, I will not be coaching here this upcoming season. As many of you know, I make the commute up to Chantilly from Fredericksburg. I recently was offered a full time job in Fredericksburg and I am also a full time student, finishing up my Bachelor’s degree. With all of these things in mind, I have too much on my plate to commit so much time to the commute up north. This was a very hard decision that I struggled with for a while but, in the end, my education comes first and I can’t take that much time away from studying.

    I plan to continue coaching closer to home, as I don’t want to leave the cheerleading world completely behind. I have a few offers on the table and as of now I am still undecided about where I will land for the upcoming season. My heart will always be at Cheer Tyme, with the people who I learned so much from and who turned into my family. I wish you all the best of luck this season and hope to see you again somewhere down the road.

Much love,

Madison Ritchey


Bri Taylor

Dear CT Chantilly Families,

I first want to thank the owners, staff, athletes, and parents for everything the past four years; it has truly been a journey unlike any other. The past four years inside 14110 Sullyfield Circle Suite C have given me many memories I will forever cherish and life lesson I will never forget. Unfortunately, the TYME has come for me to part ways with Cheer Tyme. As many of you already know I am a full time college student pursing a Bachelor’s degree and minor from Shenandoah University. Through the university I was awarded a once in a lifetime opportunity to study abroad in the Netherlands and have happily accepted the position. I will be in the Netherlands starting in August and return back to the United States late December to finish my college education.

I am unsure where my future with cheerleading will land but for now I am embracing every hardship and opportunity life throws my way. I wish all the athletes good luck this upcoming season regardless of which gym or location you now call home. If you see me at a competition in the future don’t forget to say hi!

God bless,

Brianna Taylor